Who Am I?

About the Blogger


I’m Chloe.

It’s my mission to change the world by helping one soul at a time.

In the words of Dawes, “Things happen. It’s all they ever do.” Unprecedented, scary, exciting, tempting, lovely, chaotic, beautiful, glorious things.

Things that can be difficult to respond to, things that we wouldn’t have ever expected, things that we didn’t necessarily want.

But we can choose the type of life we want to live by learning how to respond to these things in a way that’s helpful to us and others.

I realized that I am here for a short time only, so the importance of leading a blissful life became unignorable to me.

Looking around and seeing lots of fellow human bliss seekers like myself lead me to create this website. Helping others lead a blissful life has also become unignorable…

We are all living lives we’ve never asked for. I’ve decided to turn mine into a BLISS EXPEDITION, full with laughter, despair, melancholy, adventure, friendship, connection, and… mostly… LOVE.

Welcome aboard, mateys. I’m so happy to finally meet you!

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