Well Being

SOM Kind of


Live, breathe, and sleep happy. Here’s how.



SOM women are fierce women; forces to be reckoned with; women deserving of laughter, sunshine, and all that glitters!

We’re here to feed your resilience, stoke your fires, and help you be the best woman you can be. The best part is – you’re already her.



Food! It’s so good! But how do we maintain a healthy relationship with it? Click here to learn the ins and out about how your nutrition contributes to your life. You will leave equipped to make your own choices about food instead of listening to the “This works, that doesn’t” mentality of today’s society, when really, we’re all different.



Real goals. Real bodies. Real people.

You don’t need Facetune to change your shape. Start here instead – a place where you can love yourself and take true care of your body.

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