“Spiritual Awakening” – My Experience

I realized it was in my hands, and my hands only, to change my life and turn it around. Instead of sulking on how much time I’d wasted, I made small life changes …


I’m Feeling More Myself Than I Ever Have Before

I sing all the time. Everywhere. Anyplace. Well, mostly. There are exceptions. When I pull into work, I stop singing before I open the car door. When I got home at our old place, I didn’t sing once without the door shut tight. I don’t sing while I’m pumping gas. I don’t sing while shopping. […]

How to Stop Hating People and Set Yourself Free

I have something I want to get off my chest about the way people treat each other.

Take the Jump and Feel the Feels (You’ll Be Okay)

I turned 21 yesterday, and I thought a lot about how people say we start to feel less as we grow older. Life has a way of hustling, bustling, and throwing us to the ground… So often, we will put up a wall to try and hide or protect ourselves. The world supposedly makes us […]

Thoughts Under Moonlight

I drove into moonlight the other night. It stared at me, all yellow and muddy with shadows and wide-eyed.

An Interesting Meditation

Maybe that’s the secret, to
let our eyes open on their own terms, not the terms established by our minds.

I’m the Happiest 20 Year Old You’ll Ever Meet – Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Seriously. I’m not tooting my own horn or anything. But I am exceptionally happy. Everywhere I go, life seems to glitter around me (even when there are people involved who aren’t the biggest fan). I’ve been told I “really bring something to the table” from coworkers. I’ve been told that someone would keep me as an […]

Negativity Plays a Role in Your Life (And 4 Ways You Can Sculpt It to Help You)

None of us have it all together all the time. We are human, and our “flaws” should not take away from our divinity or wholeness.

What “Helpfuls in Hiding” Are and How You Can Use Them to See Your So-Called Mistakes Through a Different Lens

But have you ever made a “mistake” that you’ve later come to realize was actually a blessing, or something that disguised itself as a discrepancy in your life just to help you grow?