Bliss Expedition


We are all living a life we never asked for, seeking answers to questions we may have not even formulated yet.

I’m Chloe (at least in this life), and no exception to that.

I might not be someone you would call “noteworthy.”

I have won no Nobel Peace Prize. No Grammy Award. No high school athletics trophy, even. I am no champion in skill or talent. I never served in the military. I have not dedicated myself to being good at one specific thing because I bounce from interest to interest so easily. I get distracted, bored, and I move on.

I graduated High School in the top 10 of my class with a 3.74 GPA, but I don’t take orders well.

I dropped out of college. I just turned 21 and have already had 10 jobs, none of which really show anything remarkable on my behalf.

I may not notable or exciting or talented to you, but gosh dang, am I happy.

I grew up in a type of poverty: the type where everything looked okay on the surface but was in reality a week to week struggle for every paycheck of my childhood, but still lived a happy one.

I find beauty in all things – even the ugliest ones. Can’t help it.

I’m tired, most days. Most days, I’m also broke. Despite this, I find myself smiling in dark moments, happy to be in the very place I am at the very time that I’m there. Not satisfied, necessarily, but not repulsed or discouraged by the way life rolls.

I’m 20, broke, and happy.

Right now, I have everything in my hands to change the way I perceive things. I can create things, visualize and conceptualize. I can read, write, and extend my hand to the world. Everything is right here at my fingertips. I’m young and although I may be inexperienced, I make up for it with zest, charm, and new ideas. Suddenly, after a shift of consciousness,

I’m 20, rich, and hungry. I have everything I need to live the life of my dreams. You, too. And you can start today.

I don’t know if I’m writing this for you or for me, but I think it’s somewhere in between.

I said it once, I will say it again: We are all living a life we never asked for, seeking answers to questions we may have not even formulated yet.

We’re in this together… So I’ve taken it upon myself to spread cheer, kindness, and love for life as best I can.

Welcome aboard the ship, Friends. We’re going on a bliss expedition.

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