I’m in a Relationship, but I’m not Taken.

I’m not taken. I’m in a relationship, but I’m not taken. He doesn’t steal me away from any dreams.  He doesn’t tell me who I can and can’t be friends with, or who I can and can’t cultivate myself to be. He didn’t pry me out of my own life to be in a relationship withContinue reading “I’m in a Relationship, but I’m not Taken.”

4 Methods of Thinking That Are Holding You Back

Our lives are sort of like quilts. They start out small (as do we), and as we grow, our lives (er, quilts…) follow suit. Initially, your Quilt will be comprised of the things you are born with. There will be pictures of your ancestors and snippets from the culture that raised generations before you –Continue reading “4 Methods of Thinking That Are Holding You Back”

It’s OK That You’re Not Living an Instagram Life

Hey folks. I’m not feeling so good about myself today. It’s something I know you’ve felt, too – a classic case of comparing myself to others based on the things that they choose to share with the world on social media. I want to talk about that a little bit with you, because no oneContinue reading “It’s OK That You’re Not Living an Instagram Life”

It's OK That You're Not Living an Instagram Life.

Instagram feeds are piled up and overflowing with idealistic, and/or perfectly timed, photo-shopped images that embody a false sense of the perfection of life and make us yearn for it.

Not that the perfection of life doesn’t exist, but it exists in a very different sense – one derived from a place of balance, of yin and yang, of problems and solutions.

Problems and solutions perform a balancing act that determines how “perfect” we might see our lives. This act differs vastly person to person. Problems and solutions share an intimate relationship in maintaining our lives’ perfection, and we share an intimate relationship with these problems and solutions that determines how we feel about our existence here.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Workplace Matrix

Work is really important for a few reasons. Firstly, it takes care of our money, which covers our basic human needs (such as food, water, and shelter). Without work, how would we pay for these things? Secondly, your work life can either help (or impede upon) certain areas of self-development. Primarily, it can give youContinue reading “Don’t Get Stuck in the Workplace Matrix”

“Spiritual Awakening” – My Experience

I realized it was in my hands, and my hands only, to change my life and turn it around. Instead of sulking on how much time I’d wasted, I made small life changes …