About Me

Hey! I’m Chloe, the founder of Clover. It’s my mission to change the world by helping one soul at a time. ​

I grew up on the Vermont/New Hampshire border with little money but a lot of love. I had depressive tendencies and realized this early on, so I buckled up, held on tight, and with the help of friends and optimism, pulled myself out of the dredges of it all.

I surrounded myself with positivity – painted sweet nothings, song lyrics, and uplifting quotes all over my wall. I made life high contrast and kept myself busy with things that brought me joy.

I became pretty happy, but was always searching for love. High school is no place to find that (for some, maybe. For me, no.) I went through heartbreak after heartbreak as all high schoolers do, and in college, the pattern persisted…

A pattern of hidden self loathing. Of functional-but-erratic-and-severe depression and anxiety, and weekly bouts of self destruction. There I was again, looking for love in all the wrong places – this time, at the bottom of a bottle, or between empty sheets.

I only felt at home when I lay in bed across the room from my roommate, who also lay in her bed; when we would talk about the sweet nothings of the day, nuances that make people who they are and life what it is – or when I was sick and she’d bring me just a slice or two of cinnamon raisin bread with cream cheese in the morning, for three days straight, while I inhaled benadryl and fought for the energy to get up to pee. (Emma, I thought about deleting this because it’s not SUPER pertinent to the story, but I needed to add this little bit about you. I love you.)

And then I dropped out, intending to stay in college, just elsewhere, but that didn’t work out. Then I met someone who turned my world upside down – really upside down – like, could-have-ruined-my-life-if-I-let-it upside down.

I became a pit of self despair. I didn’t know where to turn to. My self esteem was turned to mush, I spent my days trying to find a way out but not knowing how or where I would go or what I would do next.

I had to return to my roots of self love and surrounding myself with things that make me happy. I remember once I heard the quote “Keep yourself busy with the things that make you happy and all else will fall into place.” I don’t know who wrote it or who said it or where I heard it, but it rang in my ears.

So I pulled myself together, and started weeding out the things that no longer served me. My job, firstly. I’d have to get two if I wanted to make enough money after leaving this job. So I did – I got two jobs that made my really happy – and with them, an irreplaceable support group.

From one angle, they gave me the strength to respond in the way I needed to, the way I knew was right.

From the other angle, a place to stay. Safety and a roof over my head, when I had nowhere else to turn.

Six months later, I moved out of a town that I loved, but that drew the strength out of me, and stirred up pain. I discovered a new life 1,000 miles away in a place where the sun always shines and the dolphins say hi. A place where I am growing and thriving the way the vegetation does, swaying in the wind with the palms.

The point is, we all stumble upon things that can be difficult to respond to, things that we wouldn’t have ever expected, things that we didn’t necessarily want or that may seem impossible to get past.

That’s the way the world is…

But we can choose the type of life we want to live by learning how to respond to these things in a way that’s helpful to us and, at the very least, not harmful to others.

I realized that I am here for a short time only, so the importance of leading a blissful life became unignorable to me.​

I see a lot of people in pain – be it emotional, physical, or mental – and I hear a cry for help. Now, helping others lead a blissful life has also become unignorable…

So I created Clover.

We are all living lives we’ve never asked for. I’ve decided to turn mine into an expedition of falling down and rising up, while laughing and crying, and feeling it all, in all the best ways.

And now I’m going to help you do that with yours. Let Clover be where you support begins, and where your troubles start to dissolve.

Welcome aboard, lovers. I’m so happy to finally meet you!

What People Say

Keep yourself busy with the things that make you happy and the rest will fall into place.


You have to fall apart to really be someone.

Angus & Julia Stone

Without ash to rise from, the phoenix would just be a bird getting up.

Schmidt, “New Girl”

Let’s build ourselves together.

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