Be Grateful for Everything You Have Felt

The life of a human being is full of experiences that all have a few things in common: magnificence and disparity. All experiences, whether good or bad (which is totally based on your pattern of thoughts, BTW), pleasurable or miserable, are marvelous, even if the experiences are worlds apart in the way they would make one person feel compared to another, compared to another, since everyone perceives things differently. 

You should even be thankful for the mundane, the boring, and the routine – there is something so incredibly beautiful about being able to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling, just like there is something marvelous about driving with your friends with the music cranked, windows down, sunglasses on, and there’s something incredible about climbing the highest mountain, or even in trying and failing to stifle your sobs in the cotton of your pillow, trying desperately to stay quiet enough that your family stays asleep.

The best thing about being human is that you have the opportunity to make the choice to create your own reality (or let society create it for you). 

Not to mention, one emotion cannot exist without the opposing one: happiness would not be happiness without depression. Relaxation wouldn’t be relaxing unless one has undergone some sort of stress. Acceptance would not be the same without rejection. Besides, being sad or angry is enjoyable sometimes… everyone thinks so, whether they like to admit it or not. It feels good to cry, maybe get a second of pity, and it feels great when you get out of that funk and have the “I’m on top of the world, no one can pull me down” pride. 

Humans are made to live human lives, with every experience, because all experiences are valuable. The pain, the sadness, the hurt, the happiness, the excitement, the contentedness and the beauty and the love, all of the love.

I mean, doing something exciting all the time must get boring. Ask Dan Blizerian. He leads the craziest life, and there are probably many men (and others) who would kill for his life. But, despite that, on Joe Rogan’s podcast (you can find the link at the bottom), he tells us how he got sick of it. Everything gets old at one point or another – so the Universe gave us all these emotions to feel when we get bored of one.

That’s why mother nature gave us the seasons, to give us a break from the cold once we’re sick of it and fed up, and to cool us off when it seems the heat won’t ever subside.

So cry. Read a good book and read a bad one. Enjoy it. Hate it. Be neutral to it. Experience fear, feel it and stare it in the face and tell it “I’m frightened but I’m brave.”

Let it all come and go as it pleases, embrace the anger and the sadness with open arms, as you naturally want to. And embrace the happiness, and embrace the unknown. There’s beauty in not knowing what’s going to happen next, and the most amazing thing about being human is being lucky enough to feel everything you have ever felt.

Published by Chloe Kennison

I'm Chloe! Fitness enthusiast, Earth baby, and student of the Universe. I think we're here to sing in the shower and feel it all. I'm not a spiritual guru or anything yet, but I'm a trainee - like the rest of us. Cheers!

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