A Lil' Ode to Commitment

I’ve learned to really commit myself to certain things – I’ve always been really committed to one thing at a time, because it’s hard to commit to more than one thing – after all, there are only so many hours on the clock. Now, I’ve committed myself to two things that I can work on simultaneously – I’ve committed myself to my business (not my business like I own a business or something, but business as in BUSY-NESS). I’ve made the commitment to this business because I have a goal in mind and am spending every waking moment doing things that will benefit me right then and there, for a future – without thinking too much about the future. I know that the future is comprised of little moments that are right here and right now.

In committing myself to my busy-ness, I’ve been able to immerse myself in the companies I work for (a small, local business startup and a nonprofit recreation center). By doing this I am forcing myself into my field on multiple levels – I’ve noticed that in the past few weeks alone (I’ve been working an upwards of 60 hours a week plus taking classes full time) that my people skills have gone up dramatically – I mean, I’ve always been a people person but these few weeks I’m really working on honing in my social skills and working on having a sense of humor and fun while I do it. I think that’s the real key to business – it was one of the first things I’ve learned about in this field (exercise and fitness and health and wellness). that the client-staff relationship is massively important not only to the success of the business, but to the success of the client base (which is just as, if not more, important).

By committing myself to my busyness, I am able to work on my social skills, my character, and my business skills and progress towards my future all in one sitting! I’m also learning how to stabilize working three jobs with full time classes and a social life (social life????) or, anyway, I’m doing my best and finding my errors along the way, correcting them as I shall and ultimately learning lessons and staying loyal to my places of employment.

Here are some things I’m learning.

Commitment and willingness are key, major key.

You are your own personal motivator – when it comes down to it you are the one who wakes yourself up in the morning and gets your ass out of bed.

Good things will come to you if you are BOTH patient and helpful to your own cause.

A little doubt and worry is healthy, too much will put you off balance.

Managing stress is key to being able to keep going – don’t overload yourself too much. Put yourself on a wire but don’t cross that line. (this one I’m still working on – I tend to overexert myself in the gym and in the workplace and being overworked and underpaid is not what you should be doing, not for too long at a time, anyway).

Baby steps.

It’s just a matter of finding your balance – be devoted and committed but don’t let it consume you to the point where EVERYTHING has to go as planned ALL THE TIME because that NEVER works! Keep and open mind, and an open heart, and put your best foot forward every single day. Commit yourself to something – your work, your health, your love, your character. It will all come.

Best foot forward. One step at a time.


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