Welcome to SOM.

A haven for your State of Mind.

Full of thoughtful tasks, challenges, and words to make you go “wow.”

We are here for you…


Some People

Have no sense of direction or purpose in their lives.

Don’t know how to be present, let alone happy.

Some people are ridden with anxiety, stress, and sadness…


SOM People

Are givers, lovers, and explorers of our world.

Are understanding that our world is reflected internally and externally.

Are students of our own psyche.

Join us, fellow adventurer! You’re here for a a reason.


We are here for you.

To help you see the light in the dark – better yet, how to find the switch and turn it on.

To help you be the best you, for yourself, and for those you love.


Hey! Glad to see ya 🙂

You didn’t find yourself here by accident.

I’m here because I want to change the world…

And so I got to thinking, how can I do that? What is the most important thing in the world to influence if we are really going to spark change

And then it came to me. It’s all in your State of Mind.

That’s what we’re about here: cultivating your nature to be so internally peaceful that you can then spread that peace and joy to others around you.

Energy is infectious. Vibes talk, and the world is starting to pick up on that. Make sure yours are authentic. Do it here, together.

If we all spread violence or hatred, or even breathe attention and life into those things, they will spread like a nasty disease.

But if we spread kindness and bliss and radiant joy, it will seep into the souls of others, like a water color painting.

Love is all around us if we choose to see it – we can find it in birdsong and human-tunes, whistling winds, mossy forests and vast desert, water, earth, air, fire, and anything else Momma Nature can dream up.

In love you can find bliss – the warm, cozy, but ever-exciting and changing type. The type that acts as a lil’ blanket, comforting you through anything.

I’m here to help you grow and learn and most importantly, LOVE, in all the ways you possibly can.

So check out my site, feel the love, explore your soul, and join me!